As we know, we live in the digital age. And, while that’s a great thing because of the advancements in technology, it’s also caused unintended consequences. For instance, there’s just so much information out there that it’s hard to cut through the noise. And, of course, small and medium-sized businesses are taking a look at their risk management techniques because of the economic belt-tightening. Still, you can amplify your brand and get more of your messaging with just three approaches. If you do them consistently, you will see how your brand starts to gain traction.

Brand Amplification with Brand Advocates

Today’s consumers don’t want to be sold because it seems that almost every brand is selling. Further, it appears that in times of economic downturns that businesses get a bit anxious, and they seem to sell in every way imaginable. In fact, some companies have switched their social media strategy and sales from value to the consumer to pure selling. As you might imagine, this is a mistake. Savvy marketers understand that people are social, and they care what others say. That’s why social selling has become an essential part of the sales process and brand amplification.

One aspect of it is to use brand advocates or influencers. In other words, marketers understand that reaching people through the strategic use of word of mouth marketing through brand ambassadors, influencers, and friends is essential. Let’s face it; if your friend or someone you trust supports a particular brand, you’re more willing to accept pay attention to it. Therefore it’s essential to build a community of people to help amplify your message. Take a look at this article from American Express for 6 Tips for Building Community Around Your Brand.

Master Social Media and Networking

In today’s world, you can’t ignore social media. So, it would help if you got disciplined on social to ensure that you can master it. As a result, of it, with time, you’ll create the community you need to help with your brand amplification. We get it; social media can be exhausting, and it’s continually changing. However, you have to realize that when you master social media, you will build relationships with people, and it’s those people who will help you network with others. So, if you don’t have a person on your team doing the work, hire someone to work on networking on social media. Further, make sure that you tell them that their job is not only to post content, but it’s also about building a community.

Fortunately for you, there are many small business website and social media management tools available to ensure that you don’t miss a beat. So, partner closely with your social media coordinator to not only ensure that you post high-quality content, but also that it’s helping you convert leads into customers. And, as we’ve mentioned, that will come by creating a community and engaging so that you create brand amplification. Check out this article from Forbes on How to Get the Most Out of Your Brand’s Social Media Campaign.

Use Brand Amplification Tools and Resources

Social networking and social media take a lot of smart work. But in today’s world, there are tools you can use to help you amplify your brand message. So, let’s take a quick look at some resources that could help you to spread the word of your brand. Outbrain recommends the content that you share on established websites with a high-level ranking of authority, which is excellent for search engine optimization. BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for understanding what’s essential in your industry by scanning all social channels. Meaning, you could drive content specific to what people want to see. Finally, if you use Instagram to learn more to amplify your brand, check out the list from Wix of The 20+ Best Instagram Tools for Your Brand.



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