Grafix Design Studio Expands Its Team and Brand

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We're happy to announce that Grafix Design Studio (GDS) recently expanded its team! Also, we have a new online education platform called Four Creative Group. And, that means that clients looking for our marketing services can benefit from even more extensive expertise. As a result of the expansion, GDS customers can work with international experts, offering broader knowledge. Grafix Design Studio sought to bring together professionals for greater outreach in a globalized world. So GDS clients will now benefit from experts in marketing, supply chain, and global philanthropy. The new team members include principals and a network of global consultants based in the U.S. and Europe.
And, to celebrate, GDS has a giveaway for business and global nonprofits with a U.S. presence. Just check out this link to participate in the giveaway! When you sign up for our giveaway between June 23rd and June 28th, you can win the following:

  • The New York Times Bestselling book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger. For marketers, this is an essential book that reveals the science behind going viral and spreading the word about your brand.
  • Our global headquarters is in Nashville, Tennessee, and GDS wants to share some Southern hospitality in the giveaway. By signing up, you also have a chance to win the Honky Tonk Nashville Gift Set. And, that includes some sweet snacks and other gifts, and more all made right here in Middle Tennessee!

So, join the supporters of Grafix Design Studio by participating in our giveaway!

New Partners for Grafix Design Studio

GDS has the pleasure of welcoming to our team two professionals who have held senior executive and consulting positions. Elaine Ditty has more than 20 years in supply chain management at the global level. As a result, she's worked with world-class providers in the manufacturing, energy, and pharmaceutical industries. Linda N. Spencer has decades as a professional in the philanthropic sector working at the national and international levels. She also brings years of marketing experience, including positioning, copywriting, and thought leadership for business executives.

Four Creative Group - Our New eLearning Platform!

As a result of collaboration within GDS, our team also developed Four Creative Group (FCG) with its focus on the online executive series. The aim is to provide a platform to learn from global thought leaders from various disciplines. Subscribers to the series have the chance to acquire success strategies and ideas and also learn what to avoid. All of the information gets delivered on-demand from industry leaders who share their wisdom and experiences. The first topics in the series are supply chain management and global philanthropy, which are available in the Fall of 2020. Furthermore, the series could be created as a custom white-label platform for global learning. FCG also offers expert consulting services for supply chain at the international level.

Stay tuned by signing up on the Grafix Design Studio site or Four Creative Group to find out about the online executive series launch.

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