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How to Submit a Sponsored Post

Like to submit a sponsored post? Sure, we’re cool with it. We're happy to help you spread the love of your brand. However, let's face it; not everything is a fit. So, let's make sure that your brand aligns with ours, and we're all good before you submit. While we look for a compelling and high-quality story, we are particularly open to submissions from entrepreneurs, business leaders, marketing, and social media professionals.
  • You want to share high-quality value about the brand you represent.
  • Are you wondering if we have a minimum word count? Well, we're good with whatever works for you—mostly, but we prefer somewhere between 750 and 1000 words. The more important idea is that it provides value to our readers.
  • If we accept your sponsored article, we'll make sure to place it on our site and boost it from our two strategic partner companies: Grafix Design Studio and Four Creative Group. Yes, double the fun for one low fee! And, guess what that means for you. More people heading to your website!
  • We're sure you understand that we have to appeal to the broadest possible audience as a digital marketing and sales agency. So, if your content doesn't rate a PG-13 or is offensive, it probably won't work for us. We need to make a living—no harm; no foul.
  • We reserve the right, regardless, not to publish any sponsored post article. Yes, we'll let you know upfront, so you don't have to spend anything.
  • Hey, all sponsored content must be original content. We're an AI and tech-enabled company, and we put everything through multiple duplicate checkers. So, let’s keep it real. And, no, we can’t have you publish the same content on your site or blog. It just doesn’t work for SEO.
  • Your original article must link back to at least two resources on our site.
  • Sure, you can link to your site, but let's make sure it makes sense for humans and not just the machines.
  • FYI, your article will go through SEO scoring, so make sure to meet minimum standards. What in the world would we do without the crawlers and SEO?
  • Regardless, we do reserve the right to edit content for grammar, tone, and style. We won’t post without your approval, so no worries.
  • Regarding images, if you submit them, you have to own the publishing and copyright rights. If you prefer, we're happy to add images to your sponsored article from our library. And, yea, we do make sure that all images are license-free. Isn't technology great?
  • Don’t forget to include a two to three sentence bio for your submission.
  • Yes, the sponsored post fee is the last bullet because we wanted to make sure you read everything above it. The bottom line is that the cost is $200 per post, including our social promotion. And, no, sorry, friend, we don't accept freebie guest posts, so don't waste your time asking.

If you're interested in submitting a sponsored post, send an email to [email protected].

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