Why Do Regular Website Updates: Keeping Things Fresh

Here’s a question for you: Is updating a website a top priority or not? Well, if you think your competition isn’t doing website updates regularly (e.g., monthly), you’re already behind the eight-ball. Attention spans are short, and brand competition is tough. As a result, it means that brands have to keep things fresh. Moreover, they have to ensure content is relevant in a fast-changing business landscape.

The fact is that website updates don’t just keep visitors coming back. It also helps brands with those pesky search engine algorithms. Search engine bots keep on changing all the time—every day. The deal is that it’s on marketing teams to keep things fun, exciting and interesting. In other words, it means a sharp focus on content that resonates with visitors. Of course, it also includes keeping things tight with a brand website.

Staying Fresh in the Digital Arena

Things seem to happen at hyper speed, don’t you think? That’s why a website can get old and stale quickly. If you last updated your website a few years ago, you may find that much of the content needs to get changed. Worse, you may see some content is not aligned with where you are today. If you’re not loving your content—neither is your audience. (Don’t miss a recent article on the psychology of web design to make sure to do it right).

Today’s visitors expect fresh website content that catches their attention on a dime. Visitors aren’t going to deal with sites that are difficult to navigate and don’t get them to the information quickly. As a result, brands have to adhere to certain site principles to ensure their websites meet expectations. Failing to follow the ever-changing flow of web design can result in high bounce rates and, worse, a loss of brand credibility.

Winning Website Favor with Search Engines and Audiences

Search engines are among the top reasons brands should do regular website updates. Every time a brand updates its site, it sends a signal to the Google and Bing algorithms. It communicates that the site is active. As a result, the bots keep crawling it, and they consider the content to remain on point (assuming it is high quality). Search engines favor regularly updated sites, which helps increase organic traffic and brand visibility.

As much as search engines dictate a lot of what happens these days in web design, it’s not just about making the Google bots happy. There’s something more important than that. It’s ensuring that the user experience is tops. So, how can a website be off its game? Well, there are several ways to annoy visitors. For instance, broken links, slow page speed, and dense content are all ways to encourage visitors to go elsewhere.

Adapting to Changing Needs on a Website

A positive user experience as a result of thoughtful website updates not only keeps people on a site longer. It also encourages them to keep coming back and to share awesome content with others who could become associated with a brand. In a fast-paced world where things change in the blink of an eye, there’s constant change in the needs of consumers. As a result, brands have to change it up—all the time.

One way any brand can adapt to the wishes of its audience is to add their feedback into web design. How? Simple. Brands can ask customers what they think about a site. And they can also ask how to make it better by sending them surveys. When brands survey consumers, they keep their fingers on the pulse of change. Of course, brands should always pay attention to analytics and figure out the right pages to optimize.

The Need of Ongoing Updating

Regular updates help any brand to fine-tune its message. Tweaking the layout, changing up content, adding new functionality, or using white space better—help brands better serve visitors. That’s a win for visitors. But it’s also a win for brands because it positions them in a better place to better serve what people want from them. The fact is that the importance of regular website updates can’t be overstated.

Doing website updates on a regular basis isn’t just a nice to do—it’s essential. These updates are critical for keeping things current. Updates ensure that search engines visiting the site consider it an authority. Further, it provides audiences with changing tastes to get fresh content. In turn, that encourages them to keep returning—and sharing content. In sum, these updates position brands for success in a continuously changing landscape.


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