Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of White Space

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about updating your website or creating marketing materials for a new advertising campaign. If it’s been a while since your clients and prospects have seen something new from you, you should move forward and do it because several benefits will make the investment of time and money worthwhile.

  • Regularly updating and freshening up your website, for instance, is good for SEO in the age of bots and algorithms. An updated site will help you in the rankings because search engines like new content.
  • Updating your marketing materials gives you a reason to stay in touch with past clients, current ones and prospects, and people like to see that your business is thriving. Clients like to refer business to companies that are dynamic and successful. Regularly updating your website and marketing campaigns help keeps things fresh and exciting for your customers.

When you’re in the process of updating your website or marketing content, you’ll always look at it through a design lens once you’ve buttoned down the audience, calls to action you want to generate and the content.

In today’s world, less is definitely more, and you should embrace white space for the design of your marketing materials, which can include anything from a new site, banners, invitations, ads, etc. There are several important reasons why white space makes a lot of sense, particularly in today’s hurried world where people see thousands of images on any given day.

  1. Increased legibility: While we all know that compelling images help sell, you still need the copy to communicate what you’d like your audience to take from what they’re seeing. White space helps your audience take away the messaging you intend for them to remember.
  2. Tidy and impressive: Design should not be a distraction. In fact, good design is calming and evokes positive emotions in people. With liberal use of white space, you’re creating visual ideas that are tidy, impressive, and compelling, which give your audience positive and calming thoughts and feelings.
  3. Balance and harmony: When you use white space in design, you create harmony and balance, which is pleasing for your audience. White space helps you achieve a balance between design elements (e.g., copy and images). That balance brings harmony through organization and cohesion for effective visual communication.
  4. Elimination of distractions: Again, while images capture the eye and interest, it’s the written information that is going to convince your audience to take action. White space helps your audience maintain focus where you want to keep it instead of on unnecessary and distracting design images.
  5. Draws attention to the CTA: When you have white space, your audience and their brains have a much easier time of focusing on the call to action. White space is elegant, clean and offers a modern aesthetic for busy people which helps drive home your objective, which is the CTA, easily.

White space is an excellent tool for effective design. Contrary to what you may think, it can be any color or pattern. Even though it’s called “white space,” the use of consistent color, patterns or even textures is considered white space. By embracing white space, you’re ensuring that your marketing materials, including your website, become sticky in the minds of your audience.


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