New social media marketing trends emerge every year. Yes, we know it’s a bit annoying to keep up, but that makes marketing so much fun. Still, it’s challenging for businesses to keep up with the pace and understand how each trend impacts their marketing. Regardless, keeping tabs on emerging marketing trends is essential because they provide ideas for reaching new audiences.

Social media marketing trends help market your brand more effectively. But how do you know which trends to watch and which to ditch? Where can you find information about new marketing trends as they emerge? Huh? Hmmm…. You came to the right place. Let’s look at some valuable tips for your social media marketing plan. These ideas are what we see coming up for 2023.

1.     Build a culture of marketing experimentation

If one thing’s for sure, the future of marketing will be very different from how it is today. Heck, we don’t know what’s coming tomorrow, let alone two or three years from now. As a result, today’s marketers must embrace experimentation. And that means keeping an open mind about what could work in the future. It’s important to understand that not every marketing trend will be a good fit for your business. You never know what will work best for your business unless you try it out yourself.

The best way to stay at the forefront of trends is to start testing now, even if you’re unsure of the results. Another critical factor in staying ahead of the marketing game is to be aware of what the next generation of marketers does. As digital natives influence the marketing world, technologies like blockchain and AI will only become more common. So, it’s essential to keep an eye on these emerging trends. In other words, you need to keep an eye on the cool kids. Eventually, some of what they experiment with becomes common for marketers.

2.     Content is critical (but isn’t it always?)

As online marketing continues to evolve and new marketing trends emerge, the role of content remains critical. It’s predicted that content marketing will remain one of the most effective types of marketing for the foreseeable future. Moreover, because there’s so much digital content, you won’t break through the digital wall if you don’t produce enough content.

But here’s the scoop. Go niche. Instead of putting out generic stuff, get super specialized and refined. You don’t need to speak to ‘everyone.’ You just need to target those most likely to buy your products or services. So, create content that inspires that audience and drives them toward your brand. Try to create content that is fresh and innovative. Yes, go ahead and put your thought leadership hat on—that’s how you lead in your industry.

3.     Virtual and augmented reality

Um….do we have to say it? Virtual and augmented Reality (VR and AR) made big waves in social media marketing trends over the past year. And although Zuck had a big fail with his avatar that took us back to the early 2000s, he’ll get it right one day. Regardless, these technologies will only become more critical in the future. People want an immersive and interactive experience. And sooner or later, technology will deliver it unlike ever before, which will be awesome!

For businesses, marketing is going to go into warp speed. You need to be ready, so pay attention to what’s happening in VR and AR. Already companies are creating a virtual environment where potential customers can experience and try out their products. (A lot of it is happening in the beauty and fashion industries). Also, with VR and AR, companies can host live events and provide remote audiences with a front-row seat to the action! 2023 this goes more mainstream.

4.     Voice-based search in marketing

One of the most significant changes is that marketers must create ‘voice-ready’ content. This idea means making content that’s easily understood and navigated by voice-based devices. As voice-based technologies like Google Home, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa become more popular, marketers need to keep up with search. For instance, it means using more voice search keywords regarding SEO content.

Inevitably, marketers need to change how they write for their websites. And, for 2023, we’re saying this is one of the easiest marketing trends your company could start doing. We know that SEO is essential. And with more people moving away from typing to speaking their searches into their phones, start addressing that shift on your content. No one’s saying change everything, but start transitioning and adding more voice-based search SEO content.

5.     Live streaming video

Another trend that’s gained traction over the past year is the rise of live streaming video. Live streaming video is becoming a popular way for brands to interact with their audiences and engage with their customers. Don’t believe us? It’s grown by a whopping 93%! This type of marketing is great for creating a thriving community of champions.

Here’s the scoop and bottom line on social media marketing and live streaming video. It’s an excellent way for brands to show off their products interactively and engagingly. It’s important to remember that live streaming video isn’t just a one-way street. In other words, it’s an opportunity for your target audience to get actively involved. So, companies using this type of marketing should interact with their audience and respond to their questions.

6.     Don’t forget brick and mortar

As new technologies and trends gain momentum, it’s essential not to forget the old-school brick-and-mortar marketing strategies that still work. After all, not everyone has access to the latest and most remarkable technologies. And, there’s a tension between new technology and old school brick and mortar. For example, the reality is that Millennials and Gen Z love vinyl. Who knew they’d like something so retro?

Further, while tech companies like Amazon did a lot of work to get us to move to the digital world, now that we’re all here, they’re also looking to create opportunities for brick-and-mortar. The deal is simple. At the end of the day, nothing beats in person. Virtual’s nice, and Zoom goes a long way, but people still like the idea of being in a space with other people. So, now we have tech companies suggesting we return to the stores. And that’ll only increase.

Keeping an eye on the future in social media

It’s essential to keep tabs on trends and new technologies. But it’s also important to remember that the best marketing strategy is the one that works for your business. For example, you may decide that a good plan is to focus on creating high-quality content that inspires your audience. Still, marketers should keep a close eye on new trends and technologies. Eventually, some of those will become mainstream and things you can use. So, always keep an eye on the future of social media marketing trends.

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