Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: What to Know

Okay, friends, time to nerd out a bit. As we all know, the digital marketing landscape changes at lightning speed. It’s no longer as simple as developing a social media strategy, implementing SEO and PPC campaigns, and buying ads on Google and Facebook. Digital marketers now need to be data-driven, analytical, and able to pivot on a dime. This is where artificial intelligence in marketing comes into play.

Before your eyes glaze over with techie talk, hang tight. Everyone needs to know about business marketing strategies and artificial intelligence (AI). It’s opened new doors for marketing departments everywhere by making it easier to analyze data, find insights, and create personalized customer experiences. So, let’s examine how artificial intelligence in marketing helps your business. (Check out these social media marketing trends you need to know!).

AI and ML: What’s the difference?

Artificial intelligence is a broad term referring to a computer’s ability to solve problems and make decisions as a human would. However, AI does this at a much faster rate of speed. Its technology has been around for decades. But only recently has it come to the forefront of marketing (and every other industry, for that matter).

Machine learning is a part of AI that focuses on systems that improve performance without human intervention. Further, the difference between the two is simple. AI is a broader concept that refers to artificial systems that mimic human thought processes and make decisions. In comparison, ML is a narrower concept. It relates to artificial strategies that improve tech performance without human intervention.

One way to understand the difference is that AI is a car while ML is the engine. The car is the overall concept. But the engine is the specific part that makes it go. In marketing, AI is the concept, while ML is the engine. AI is the general idea of how computers can work like humans. And ML is the specific part of AI that allows computers to learn independently.

AI in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence is technology designed to simulate human intelligence in a machine. Have you ever watched the HBO television show Westworld? Yea, basically like that. AI is best known for powering virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and others. And it was AI that essentially made the pandemic retreat into the background. Everywhere you look, AI and ML are powering what you do, from booking airline tickets to those great tickets for a concert.

Regarding marketing, AI is the growing trend of marketers incorporating machine learning and automated algorithms into their marketing strategy. AI is used to automate tasks like data analysis and to create personalized customer experiences. You can apply AI to various marketing functions, including lead generation, social media, email marketing, and more.

Better audience insights with AI

Artificial intelligence can collect, organize, and analyze large amounts of data in seconds. It helps marketers get better insights into their audience, allowing them to create better content. AI can mine anonymous data from public sources to find insights into what content resonates with your audience. It can also help you understand the content that drives your audience to act.

You can use AI to find insights into your customer service and support interactions. By using AI to analyze data about your customers, you can generate insights into their demographics, interests, purchase preferences, and more. AI can help you optimize your marketing strategy and make content that resonates with your customers. Gradually, you will know more about your consumers than they know about themselves! Seriously. Just look at TikTok! A lot of that tech and data is super intelligent, so they know much more than we do about ourselves.

Automated ad bidding with ML and AI

Artificial intelligence in marketing is already having a significant impact on paid advertising. Many marketing teams now use a combination of AI and machine learning to boost their ad performance. With AI, you can automate your ad bidding process to get the best return on investment (ROI) on paid ads.

AI also helps you discover which audiences respond best to your ads and optimizes your budget to ensure you’re targeting the right customers at the correct times. For example, AI can analyze the user’s purchase behavior and use that information to find new potential customers. It can also help you predict which products resonate best with specific audiences.

Lead generation for business

Lead generation has become a massive part of digital marketing, and AI is helping marketers become even more efficient at generating leads. You can use AI to create personalized content and nurture leads to a point where they’re much better engaged with your business. AI is also used to automate the process of discovering new leads. Moreover, it could sort them into suitable nurture campaigns.

You can also use AI to personalize the messaging of your leads based on the information you have about them. For example, your AI marketing tools can include email platforms. Let’s say you’re sending emails to leads. You can use AI to understand the context of the email and create personalized messages—for each person. No more sitting behind the computer trying to concoct the perfect response. See how much fun AI can be for your organization?

The future of advertising is now

Have you gotten tired of hearing about the word ‘disruption’? Well, we’re going to use it here in this paragraph. Artificial intelligence continues to disrupt the marketing industry. Artificial intelligence in marketing is now a given. It allows marketers to find insights into their audience, create better content, and generate leads at scale.

AI can process massive amounts of data, identify patterns, and make real-time recommendations. It’s also able to learn from its mistakes and improve over time. So, it’s a massive advantage over traditional marketing campaigns that require human input at every step. Marketers can scale their efforts by investing in AI and machine learning and creating more personalized customer experiences. So, look to well-reviewed platforms using AI and ML.


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