10 Unexpected Business Marketing Strategies

If you run a business today, you probably face lots of challenges. There’s never been greater pressure on businesses, from competition to changing consumer demands and brand-new technologies. Fortunately, business marketing strategies exist for companies looking for new ways to reach customers. The following are but 10 effective strategies, including for your Google Rank, to help you stand out from the competition.

1. Build An Awesome Brand for Your Business

Building a brand that you can be proud of is essential to the long-term success of your business. And, yes, even if you’re just starting, you could come out of the gate looking good. Before you jump into any new marketing strategies, you first need to have a clear brand strategy. In short, your brand has to play well off-line and online. Think of a strong brand and brand image as the ‘character’ of your business.

2. Have a Clear Brand Message

A brand message is the narrative of your business. In other words, think of it as the ‘voice’ of your brand. Having a consistent brand message allows your customers to remember you when they think of your company. You want your brand message relates to your target market. In short, it needs to make sense to your leads and customers. Once you’ve come up with your brand message, it’s crucial to test it and see how it resonates. So, do it continually for the best results.

3. Create Content Marketing That Resonates

Many articles exist about content marketing and why it’s essential for business marketing strategies. That said, you’ve got to find what works best for your brand. Again, think of your company as a person. That person has a personality. Your brand personality has to come through in everything you do, including your content marketing. And when you do it right, it resonates with the people who love that attitude.

4. Network, Network, Network for Business

Networking is vital for any business. Frankly, it’s one of the ways you get leads. It’s how you meet potential customers, find solutions to their problems, and discover new offerings. Networking is also a great way to make connections with other business owners. Don’t discount what you could learn from other business owners when sharing ideas and challenges. Networking helps you know what works best for others. And that’s vital industry knowledge.

5. Utilize Google and YouTube to Enhance SEO

We know about the importance of SEO. Love it or hate it, you have to do search engine optimization and enhance SEO. The problem is many of these strategies are complicated and confusing. So, a better starting strategy is to begin by understanding how to create a website that’s optimized. And remember, the more natural your content feels, the easier it is for Google to find your website and rank it higher on their pages. So, don’t fight it. Go with it.

6. Find Local Business Partners to Share Content

Here’s the scoop. Many publications and digital media outlets exist for your business marketing strategies. So, swapping and sharing high-value and quality content with like-minded businesses makes sense. And it helps you boost your digital ranking when done consistently. Therefore, look for publishers who align with your business. By sharing content on their platforms, you raise your visibility with time. All you need is one or two to get started.

7. Stay Ahead of The Game by Getting Published

Trade magazines are a great way to get your name and brand to a broad audience. You can’t truly lead on your business marketing strategies if you don’t become a thought leader in the space. Think of it. There’s so much noise and content published daily. One way to get through the noise is to present your forward-thinking ideas consistently. And publishing them in digital trade magazines gets you noticed in your industry.

8. Don’t Forget About Research and Marketing Feedback

While you want to get your marketing strategies out to the public and start earning money, it’s also essential to take time to do some consumer research and get some feedback. Consumer research helps you find out what your customers like and dislike. And the fact is you need to know that about your brand and your products. Getting feedback enables you to adjust your marketing strategies. As a result, you create better content for your customers.

9. Test, Test, Test Again

While you want to test different business marketing strategies, it’s important to remember that each has its level of effectiveness. You can’t just try one method and expect it to work for your business. So, you need to try a few different strategies and track which ones work best for your company. The more you test, the more likely you’ll find the strategies that work for you.

10. Change With the Times

Finally, one of the best business marketing strategies is to change with the times. In short, lean into technology. And also, keep your hand on the pulse of evolving consumer demands. To achieve success, you have to be flexible and adapt to the changes as they happen. In sum, nothing’s set in stone. The more relaxed you are, the better you can adapt to keep your business growing.

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